Breast Cancer Support: Sharing Encouragement & Support

The Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support program at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville is dedicated to improving the lives of women affected by breast cancer. Compassionately and respectfully, we educate, support and advocate so that women are empowered to make informed decisions concerning their health. Whether you need information, resources, or support, Bosom Buddies offers the help you need when you need it. We provide a variety of information and resources to women affected by breast cancer including free educational materials, mastectomy bras, wigs and prostheses at no charge. Additionally, Bosom Buddies provides information and referrals to uninsured or under-insured women needing breast health care in the Jacksonville area.

Breast Cancer Support Group: 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Mondays of every month, 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Bosom Buddies hosts a free weekly breast cancer support group meeting on Monday evenings at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. The support group focuses on “caring and sharing” and “survivorship education,” providing the opportunity for breast cancer survivors to share their personal cancer journey experiences and learn new ways to increase their quality of life. The group consists of women of all ages in all stages of their cancer journey: newly diagnosed women, women in treatment, women who are now cancer-free, and occasionally caregivers. Bobbi de Córdova-Hanks, a 29 year breast cancer survivor, facilitates this group.

Community Presentations

Bosom Buddies provides presentations on breast health and breast cancer free of charge for both individuals and community organizations.

Virtual Importance of Breast Health Training

The Bosom Buddies Program is excited to introduce our Virtual Importance of Breast Health Training designed to bring awareness to cancer prevention and understanding of the disease. 

This presentation was created in collaboration with our principle educator Dr. Gary Bowers, retired surgical oncologist, to educate the community of the risks and causes of breast cancer. Dr. Bowers, discusses what to expect when diagnosed with breast cancer and clears up common misconceptions about breast health. Stay tuned until the very end for Q&A with Dr. Bowers, which will answer frequently asked questions regarding breast health.
The information provided on this form is required to view the “Importance of Breast Health Training” and will be used for the purpose of capturing community data for grant reporting for the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.